Download Mobile Site Optimization Using Mobile Centric CSS Guide

Need to optimize your website for mobile but don’t have the time? aptstrategies mobile site optimization guide provides recommendedations for best practice using mobile centric CSS (style sheets) and actual code to implement.

Page Speed Optimization

aptstrategies website optimization services focuses on optmizing page speed. Download and read practical tips how to increase search engine indexation and crawling by increasing page speed of website pages loading on users computers and mobile devices.

Update: How to Implement Twitter Meta Tags

Implementing Twitter Meta Tags is important for all websites. Twitter meta tags are simple to implement and require them to be placed on webpages and then validated. aptstrategies can guide businesses in how to maximize search engine rankings by leveraging Twitter Meta Tags.

Content Partnerships – Houzz

aptstrategies sets up and manages content partnerships. Sourcing and negotiating content in vertical industries is essential for Google to recognize domain authority. aptstrategies advises clients on the optimal mix of content, keywords, links, images and social media promotion of these links. Content partnership discussions require experience in both keyword linking and content management systems. Recent partnerships include Houzz.com based in Palo Alto, California

Content Optimization

aptstrategies’s keyword tool generates new keywords after crawling competitors websites. Thes keywords can be assinged to Idea Pages that users can edit within their dashboard. Content contributors can measure keyword density for each page.

TV Attribution – Analyzing Television & Mobile Search Correlation

Do you know how much of your television advertising spend drives search queries and website visitors? aptstrategies works with Google and delivers Adometry solutions to national advertisers. Adometry is a Google product that helps measure the causality between television advertising and search queries. For brands advertising on TV, this allows them to see the impact of their creative and messaging both during and post television spot buy times. What is more interesting is that Google can then correlate these search queries to website visits to not only a brand site which advertised on television but their competitors sites as well.

Google Maps – More Powerful Updates

Google Maps is a powerful feature for websites and a trusted optimization component. Utilizing Google Maps is very important for geo based websites in retail, travel and consumer services. aptstrategies has managed many clients premium level integrations of Maps and created forward thinking optimization content based around Google Maps. Download this presentation on how to benefit from Google Maps released recently by Google.

Instructions on Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools

aptstrategies sets up and manages Webmaster Tools for hundreds of clients globally.

Download this presentation on Google Webmaster Tools to learn the simple steps to accessing further insights, website diagnostics and how to measure your website indexation on Google.

Watch the aptstrategies / Zscaler Webinar

Watch this webinar that shows the aptstrategies working methodology of how ZScaler.com was optimized.