Local SEO

aptstrategies has designed, architected and published thousands of highly optimized web pages to target local customers in suburbs, towns, cities and regions.

Optimizing for location is very important as Google uses the IP address of the visitor when deciding which results to return. Therefore, the location of the user is instrumental in determining which results are returned by Google and other search engines. It is vital to have the correct local content on webpages across a website to ensure there is the identifiers for Google’s crawlers to return the appropriate pages.

Website Design & Development

aptstrategies dedicated team of LAMP and .NET developers and designers have built very large database and ecommerce websites combining our extensive SEO experience with website development.

Development Experience

Integration of Web Services Layer, XML Feeds and API, SOAP requests and database aggregation.
Customized WYSIWYG interfaces for managing promotions, special offers, pricing and store or dealer locations.
Creating websites in multiple languages including English, French, German, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Mexican.

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